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Anderson Property Management provides exceptional commercial property management services to our clients and tenants who depend on our team with over 100 years of combined experience.


Anderson Property Management is recognized throughout the industry for prompt service and attention to detail. We are consistent, dependable, and accurate in overseeing our buildings. 

Contact us to discuss your management requirements and what we can do for your real estate portfolio.


4902 Lincoln Drive  |  Edina, Minnesota 55436  |  952.931.9358

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"Having 21 locations around the Twin Cities we have had the opportunity to work with many different property managers. The team at Anderson Property Management is by far, let me repeat by far, the best property managers we deal with. They take the best care of the property and are the most responsive to our needs. Most problems are taken care of before we even know they are problems because of their frequent site visits. Their monthly reports and annual budgets are the most comprehensive we receive and they are also the easiest to read. The vendors they choose to deal with do a great job and provide a great value to us as renters. There is absolutely nothing that Anderson Property Management does not do well. To top things off they are not just great property managers but they are great people."


"We are a tenant in 2 centers that Anderson Property manages and have been very happy with their operation. They are particularly responsive to any critical operating issues and are easy to reach in off hours. They hire high quality vendors in landscaping, snow removal and building maintenance. We have worked with them over 10 years and think they are the best manager of any center in the area in which we have stores."


"Anderson Property Management is outstanding. In 2006, we purchased an office building in Golden Valley that they managed and we kept them as the managers. Due to their phenomenal performance at that property, we have had them manage additional properties in our portfolio (SIX IN ALL).

As office buildings and retail center owners, we care about our tenants and they have always provided great service to our tenants as well as us. The properties are well maintained, issues are addressed promptly and their reporting is excellent.

The team at Anderson Property Management is simply the best and we look forward to working with them for many years.."


"Anderson Property Management was absolutely wonderful to work with! Their level of service, attention to detail and response time are second to none! It was an absolute pleasure and delight to work with Martha, Jane and the APM Team! Thank you, thank you!"


This is only the second time in my life I have felt compelled to write a review based on a business relationship.

When we set out to begin development of “Keg and Case West 7th Market” in St. Paul I reached out to a trusted friend and large real estate developer for advice with property management. After stopping out to assess the scope/complexity of our project, he told me there is only one firm he knew of that he believed would not only understand the complex nuances of this project but would also execute in the way we would need. The company he spoke of was “Anderson Property Management”

One thing he said that really stood out: “Be prepared, if you work with Martha and Jane you will quickly feel like you are working with new partners. They treat all of my properties like they are their own and it has greatly benefited our organization”

This ultimately turned out to be a real understatement.
There is no area of this project they haven’t helped with. In many cases they were always two steps ahead of us, certainly this is due to their extensive experience but it was also very obvious the passion for our project and their desire to see everyone succeed.

Another key point is that Anderson Property Management quickly became more than just a company we would be working with. They are real people, a family of accessible, passionate human beings that are a pleasure to interact with. They attend every meeting, help solve every problem and help tie up every loose end from construction to operations.
Martha and Jane have developed a personal relationship with each and every person on our team as well as the tenants.

As I stated before I have limited knowledge of the property management world but from everything I have heard from so many people over the years, all of the positives and negatives of working with a property management firm, I have no doubt I won the lottery my first time around by choosing to work with Anderson



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