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Anderson Property Management provides comprehensive commercial real estate management and leasing services to individual investors, private partnerships, development companies, municipalities, and lending institutions. With over 100 years of combined experience, our team specializes in third party management of commercial properties in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan areas while cultivating tenant relationships with a personal approach that takes interest in their business development and success.

Anderson Property Management ("APM") provides full-service reporting to owners and tenants. Our team handles all tenant correspondence, accounting, coordination of tenant and landlord build-outs, schedules routine maintenance, provides 24-hour emergency services, supervises Phase I and II environmental compliance, coordinates pre-purchase due diligence investigations and offers professional leasing and contract negotiations. Our team conducts multiple site visits each month which includes property inspections and visits with tenants.

We provide our tenants with same-day service on most maintenance issues and respond to owners in the same timely fashion.  APM demands high quality workmanship and places strong emphasis on providing cost-efficient solutions.  APM has an extensive vendor roster of qualified companies that provide excellent work and service to all developments managed by the company.

Anderson Property Management is recognized throughout the industry for providing prompt service and a high level of customer service and care for each building, client and tenant since 1988. Anderson Property Management is committed to developing long lasting relationships with owners and tenants based on dependability, honesty, results, and genuine care. 

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