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Anderson Property Management 

provides commercial property management and comprehensive real estate services to lending institutions, development companies, private partnerships, and individual investors.

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Proactive Property Management & Maintenance

As the client’s business partner and expert advisor, our team will coordinate and supervise all tenant involvement and building supervision to be sure everything goes smoothly.

  • Initial assessment of building by APM’s team and vendors to determine the building maintenance status and long-range planning goals

  • Site visits to the building for inspection and contact with the tenants

  • Maintenance of the building and grounds.

  • 24/7 access for the tenants

  • Forecasting building needs, repairs and developing a budget plan

  • ADA Compliance Programs

  • Vendor and Contract Management

  • Pandemic Preparedness Plan (??)

  • Energy Audits (??)

  • Property Insurance 

  • Tenant Communications

  • Lease Abstracts


Detailed Accounting Services

We provide detailed and accurate reporting to allow you to make effective decisions for your property and. Our goal is to take the initiative with our accounting strategies to assist in aligning your real estate objectives and maximize your long-term results.

  • Budgeting and Accounting

  • Development of an Operating Income and Expense Budget for the owner

  • Monthly rent invoicing and collections of rent from tenants

  • Monthly Financial Statements including Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and monthly summary to the owner within 15 days following month-end. 

  • Year-end tenant reconciliations within the first 60 days of the calendar year.

  • Electronic Delivery Owner distributions. 

  • Tax Assessment Appeal

  • Proforma Analysis


Construction Management

  • Construction services for capital improvements upon request including bidding process and project management.

  • Tenant Improvement Management.

  • New tenant build-out services are available by request including bidding process and project  management.


Leasing Renewal Services with Parkwood Properties, LLC:

  • Parkwood Properties, LLC is the leasing arm of our company which provides new tenant leasing and renewal leasing services within our management contracts. Our sole purpose for offering leasing services is to create a better experience for the landlord and tenant. We believe it is important to fairly represent our Owners while offering more TLC to potential tenants so that the leasing process results in a successful relationship between all parties. The key to rewarding commercial leasing experience is forming a partnership between a landlord and tenant to create a positive, successful and trustworthy space. We are more than just leasing agents and property managers. We are real people and trusted professionals that bring over 35 years of experience working with small local tenants and large national tenants and we are creative real estate experts that treat each transaction with care.



  • Anderson Property Management has the ability to serve in the role of a court appointed Receiver (under receiverships) and we are able to provide property management services for properties that are in the foreclosure process.



Anderson Property Management offers completely customized client services. We listen to each client’s specific needs and tailor our approach to surpass those needs. We are always equipped to meet our clients’ unique challenges and offer creative real estate solutions.

  • Concentrated Site Management

  • On-Site Building Site Inspections

  • Dedicated Accounting and Budgeting

  • Pre-Purchase Due Diligence

  • Professional Leasing and Contract Negotiations

  • Engaged and trusted vendors that provide quality care

  • 24/7 Emergency Services

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